A Newbie’s Guide to Purchasing Freestanding Baths This Season

Regardless of whether you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom or planning on reinvigorating it completely; you should think about installing a freestanding bath. It renders a focal point which exudes opulence, and its beauty abounds as soon as you step foot into your bathroom. They really take your bathroom appeal up by a few notches and inflict upon your core a satiating kind of contentment. So mates; you should look up online for stores which provide luxe freestanding baths in Perth for purchase. However, if it’s your very first time, you should refer to these details which plummet.

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It’s Style

Free stand baths in Perth, are available in numberless styles and designs. Other than its conventional tubular design, you will find it available in

Claw foot: These come with traditional styling and have a ground clearance of 4 feet from the floor.

Corner & Back against the Wall: These are specifically designed to stay affixed to the walls. Despite staying at some corner, their overall appeal doesn’t diminish.

Pedestal: This genre of freestanding baths rest upon a tube or base which is moulded. Top-agencies who businesses such bathtubs will incorporate both modernistic as well as traditional designs. Just check the designs along with its price bracket.

Along with these, you will also choose between soaking or an air bathtub. Though most of the designs above are available as soaking tubs, some tubs also have the option of adding an air system.

The Material

To continue, freestanding tubs variety are available in terms of its material used for construction. Those which are widespread are constructed with

Acrylic – is heated and then pulled into a mould with the help of a vacuum. As this is done, reinforcement of the tube with a concoction of fibreglass and some other durable components!

Why Should You Go For It? – Acrylic freestanding tubs are resilient to scratches and timely fading. They are durable in nature and are also non-porous.

Cast Iron – The name itself is self-explanatory. It is moulded with the use of cast iron, and the inside of the tube undergoes finishing enamel baking layer.

Why Should You Go For It? – Cast Iron as you know is a heavy metal and so naturally it will be strong. It is also very long-lasting and what’s more its enamel finishing is impervious to scratches, chemical exposure and other kinds of chips.

Solid Surface – The construction is undergone using some binding agents and natural materials. These are also the same components which are put to use when constructing countertops.

Why Should You Go For It? – Solid surface freestanding tubs are also non-porous and are resistant to decolourisation, scratches, chemical exposure and even scratches.

A Recommendation:

If you or a member of your family is looking for a freestanding tub which retains warm water, then, the option for you would be solid surface tubs. Though many may oppose and opine that Acrylic tubs are more effective when it comes to retaining heat and also staying at room temperature. The truth is, solid surfaces show more efficacy when it comes to retaining heat for longer durations.

Mind you: this is just a suggestion. Each of them seems good in their way. In the end, the only thing which matters is which one is appealing to your eyes and pouches. Do look up at reputable stores for the best options and then decide. One last word of advice would be to take your time. Since you are spending money, you might as well ensure that it is a worthy investment.

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