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Bath Station is your one stop shop for stand alone baths in Perth.

At Bath Station we specialise in stand alone bathtubs in Perth, we aim to provide the freestanding baths at the highest quality in the Perth Region. Bath Station is your one stop shop for cheap baths in Perth; we import directly from our supplier, cut out the middleman and sell straight to the public, meaning we can sell at incredibly low prices while the quality of our product remains impeccable.

At Bath Station, we often run promotions or bath sales in Perth for our clients across Perth, keep an eye on our Facebook page or visit our stores to see what our current offers are.

We specialise in freestanding or stand alone acrylic baths, and have a huge range to choose from. Our smaller baths are found in the 1500mm series, which include flush/back to wall models which have become hugely popular as they eliminate the need to clean around the back of the bath and save on space, these models are ideal for the smaller bathroom.

We also stock a range of 1700mm stand alone baths, which are the most popular size in the Perth Market. The 1700 models comfortably fit two people and are available in a variety of styles, our most popular being the Dior which is a half moon shape with higher backs on either side creating premium comfort and a high-end look.

At Bath Station, we sell high-end premium quality stand alone baths at wholesale prices, due to the sheer volume of the stand alone baths we sell we can offer incredible prices direct to the public. Bath Station is dedicated to having an extensive range of high quality stand alone baths for our clients across Perth. We currently have over 30 models of stand alone baths in stock which vary in size and colour. All our freestanding baths are designed by talented designers to cater for every possible need in terms of space available and style desired.

When picking your stand-alone bath, it is very important to select a bath that is made to last. All the stand-alone baths we sell are made on a stainless steel base that has six adjustable feet for maximum support. All of our freestanding baths are 100% sanitary grade acrylic, built to last with a lasting natural sheen. Acrylic is incredibly strong, but also lightweight, meaning manoeuvring the bathtub into place is easy and hassle free. Acrylic freestanding baths are extremely popular in the Perth market, not only do they provide a professional finish to the room but also have excellent heat retaining properties to ensure a long lasting warm bath.

Our eye catching freestanding baths are the perfect centrepiece for any bathroom, our oval and rectangular shapes look great as a stand alone feature, while our flush to wall models save on space and still give that sleek ultra modern feel in the bathroom. The Flush or Back to wall baths are becoming increasingly more popular in the Perth market – not only do they save on space but also cleaning as the rear of the bath is designed to butt up flush against the wall. Although the bath is flush to the wall, it still retains that sleek modern freestanding look.

The majority of our stand alone baths are bright white in colour. However, we do have select models which are a glossy black finish as demand for the black freestanding baths has increased recently amongst our Perth clients.
We stock a black claw foot stand alone bath, which can give a classical, feel to your bathroom. Alternatively, our Black freestanding Dior bath has an ultra modern finish and can complement the new age bathroom design, fitting in well with black tap ware and fittings.

At Bath Station the largest freestanding baths we sell are 1800mm in length, these are ideally suited to the more spacious bathroom design. Our range of 1800mm stand alone baths is extremely spacious and will become the focal point of any bathroom with their sleek, stylish finish.

If you are unsure about which style will suit your bathroom feel free to bring in your plans, and our friendly expert staff will happily help you make your selection.

Acrylic Baths

Acrylic is an incredibly durable material and has a glowing a natural sheen. Acrylic is non-porous and non-fading thus incredibly long lasting. Acrylic has great insulation properties meaning our freestanding baths retain their heat throughout the Perth winter. Acrylic is hard wearing, and meaning installation is quick easy and cost effective.

Selecting a Freestanding Bath

When selecting a freestanding bath, the first step is to work out the space you have available in terms maximum of length and width. At Bath Station, we have a massive range of shapes and sizes in our bath sale meaning you are sure to find the model that will fit your space. If you would like to browse from home, our range of freestanding baths is on the website along with accurate diagrams of the dimensions of every bathtub. The diagrams also show waste position to assist your plumber.

Positioning your freestanding bath is paramount, you want the stand alone bathtubs in Perth to be the focal point/centrepiece of the bathroom, for best results positioning in front of a feature wall or window can achieve the best results.

Another popular option is to position the bath well off the wall and have an in floor tap to fill the bath. This style works well when using a freestanding bath in a larger bathroom.

Our staff can help you decide on a model that will suit your space.